I want you even more

The poem is from a man’s POV to a woman.

I want you even more,
now that you’ve said goodbye
You’re not mine, anymore
and it’s like the truth is a lie

I want you even more,
now that you’ve chosen to leave
I am addicted to the war,
too high on the past to grieve

I want you even more,
now that you’re with a new guy
I want what we were before
but truth is, truth is not a lie

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City of sadness

The poem is about Gerard Way.

I find that he’s different
and this, only in a good way
I hear him sing beautiful lyrics,
that makes me want to stay

His voice sounds like pain,
as he sings words written down
It’s music mixed with emotion,
which brings me to another town

In my mind, as I’m listening
and I love to spend my time here
Even though it’s a city of sadness,
it gives reasons to not disappear

The empty chair

This poem is from Anthony Padilla’s POV to Ian Hecox.
It’s an AU poem, based on a sketch from Smosh: Live.

Anthony might or might not share the opinions found in this poem.

The empty chair,
you left it, and me, behind
Here I am, all alone,
there are too many to find

The empty chair,
it’s always been your throne
But a game has you hooked,
you’re always on your phone

The empty chair,
I miss the past, I admit
Turn it off, you’re addicted,
someone had to say it

The empty chair,
I don’t feel lonely anymore
I’m glad you realized,
that your life became a war

Don’t get used to it

Don’t get used to it,
I tell myself, once again
But it’s too late, I admit,
this sadness won’t remain

Headline after headline,
as if the world is screaming
Tomorrow, the sun will shine,
as if we’re only dreaming

Don’t get used to it
but each time, it’s even less
I repair myself, bit by bit,
so many gone, it’s a mess