Bound to disappear

It’s trending for a while,
fingers speak, just to forget
People died, but we smile,
because we have to reset

And prayers are in vain,
they cannot heal a wound
Pause; the world is in pain,
silence on the playground

It’s not trending anymore
and now tomorrow is here
Yesterday was such a war,
that was bound to disappear

I’m a girl inside

I’m a girl inside
but the truth is viewed as a lie
Would you hate me if he died,
if you had to say goodbye

I’m a girl inside
and I’ve been since I was born
What did I do to be denied,
he’s not me, he who you mourn

I’m a girl inside,
this, I want the world to see
Please, I no longer want to hide
and like you, I want to be me

A conversation between a vegan and a meat eater

I can’t believe that you eat meat,
do you care much more about some
Of those who are lovely and sweet,
why not be also what I’ve become

Don’t even try to make me feel guilt,
for I like cows, chickens and pigs too
Destroy the perfect world you’ve built,
for all will not share your point of view

I can’t believe that you refuse to quit,
do you enjoy living with your blind eyes
Why don’t you do something about it,
watch these videos of how some dies

Don’t send me links again and again,
I know what happens in some places
But all the animals don’t die in pain,
though many, sadly, do in some cases

I can’t believe that you aren’t as me,
do you think you’ll change some day
Here, watch what I’ve chosen to see,
it’ll make you stop eating meat today

Don’t force your views on me more
and accept that we don’t think the same
I will always be what you were before,
honestly, you give vegans a bad name

If you’re in love with another

If you’re in love with another,
leave me and let me heal
Give me the freedom to cry,
of that it’s no longer real

If you’re in love with another,
let the truth wash over me
Look into my eyes and say it,
that it wasn’t meant to be

If you’re in love with another,
please, don’t say the name
For even though you do not,
I still love you all the same